Final Boarding on Black List; Bharadwaj Honor Covered on Black List Blog

As posted earlier, Radha Bharadwaj has been honored by the Writers Guild for her original screenplay, Final Boarding, and the story has been covered in The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, and Indiewire. The story has now also been covered on Go Into the Story by Scott Myers, the official screenwriting blog of The Black List (link here). Final Boarding will also soon be featured on The Black List, a site the helps filmmakers and other movie industry professionals find excellent scripts.

As described in greater detail in the earlier post, Final Boarding is a suspense with the intersecting stories of four strangers who are, for different reasons, desperate to catch the same flight from Los Angeles to New York.  What they don’t know–but what we, the viewers, learn at the outset–is that the flight is doomed.