Writers Guild Honors Bharadwaj for Her Screenplay, Final Boarding

Radha Bharadwaj has been selected as a Writers Guild Feature Access Program honoree for her original screenplay, Final Boarding. Final Boarding is a nail-biting suspense featuring the intersecting story lines of four strangers who are, for different reasons, desperate to catch the same Los Angeles-to-New York flight. What they don’t know–but what we, the viewers, learn in the first scene–is that the flight will crash, killing all aboard. After the flight’s doomed fate is revealed at the outset, the story flashes back to follow each of the protagonists as they struggle mightily to catch the flight. Because of a massive demonstration, they have to fight through one of the worst traffic jams in LA history.  We don’t learn until the very end which of the protagonists will succeed in catching the flight–and hence perish–and which, in spite of their relentless efforts, will miss the flight–and hence survive.

Here is a link to the Writers Guild’s announcement of Radha’s honor, which in turn includes a link to the screenplay itself.